Online Advanced Diploma in Organisational Resilience Management

Online Advanced Diploma in Organisational Resilience Management


The prevailing business environment is significantly uncertain, volatile, and complex due to challenges such as globalization, economic  recession, technological  disruption, cyber threats, natural disasters, healthcare issues,  with other socio-political and economic trends. Organization’s exposure to risks is therefore largely unpredictable hence appropriate strategy should be established for sustainability.

Organizational Resilience is a  harmonized approach to furnish an all-inclusive outlook of an organization for viability and prosperity. It is apt, in view of current global trends to grasp the dynamics of resilience.

This course focuses on  the work place and environment, with contents based on relevant academic principles and effective applications. Participants will be equipped with knowledge to overcome today’s business and environmental challenges  while anticipating future disruptions.

Purpose of the course:

  • Participants to acquire knowledge and develop skills in executing strategy for organizational
  • Prepare participants for effective response to disruption while delivering sustainable performance
  • Motivate participants to become change agents, influencing organizations and the environment to become resilient despite prevailing

Course Contents:

This course is presented in six modules viz:

  • Organizational Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Building Organizational Resilience
  • Research Project

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will at the end of the course:
  • Understand organizational design and structure emphasizing effectiveness of technology and innovation
  • Understand and apply International Standards to develop and implement risk management strategy to sustain an operational Business Continuity Management (BCM) system Understand the impact of corporate governance and regulatory compliance on organizational resilience
  • Design policy and controls for sustaining organizational resilience
  • Submit a thesis on a ‘real-world’ deliverable-based proposal for implementing the concepts of organizational resilience management


Course Administration:

  • This is an interactive two semesters on-line course, which includes virtual lectures while participants will actively put skills learned to test through engaging exercises, group discussions, case studies, simulations and syndicate
  • Learning sessions shall run live and virtual during weekends (Saturdays 08:45to17:00WAT&Sundays-11:45to17:00 WAT).
  • Each participant has responsibility for adequate personal


The Course shall run for 2 semesters with 30 weekends of virtual lectures and research.

1st Semester: Sept – Dec 2021;

2nd Semester: Feb – Jun 2022.


The facilitators are experienced persons from academia and industry, having competence in their subject. Some of them are:

  • Gloria Quartey

B.A., M.I.R., Doctor of Business Administration, Banking and Finance

Director, Bank of Ghana, Accra, Ghana

  • Monday Utomwen


Chief Risk Officer of WAICA Reinsurance Corporation Plc, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

  • Paul Olayinka


Managing Director/CEO, HSD Associates – Insurance and Risk Management Training & Consulting Firm in Nigeria


Participants will qualify for the award of Advanced Diploma in Organizational Resilience Management on the completion of all the six modules and success in the continuous assessment and examination.

Target Participants:

  • Managers and professionals responsible for strategic decisions.
  • Managers in charge of Risk Management, Insurance, Compliance, Finance, Facility
  • Officers in the Civil Service, Public Service and Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Officers of Emergency and Disaster Management Organizations
  • Small and Medium Scale Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Eligibility Requirements:

Prospective course participants shall hold a minimum qualification as follows:

  • A./B.Sc./HND in any discipline
  • Diploma in Insurance of WAII or
  • Equivalent qualifications to above
  • Prospective participants who do not have the above qualifications but have relevant job

Bespoke Course:

This course or part thereof is available as a bespoke programme designed to address the specific needs of organizations aiming to transform to the state of resilience.

Course Fee:

US$2,500 (Two Thousand, Five Hundred United States Dollars)

Organizations sponsoring three (3) or more participants will enjoy 10% discount if full payment is made before commencement date.

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WAII, The Gambia

Tel. No.:(+220)3707110|3579994|7063149 3993971