WAII-CAII London Virtual Seminar Series



WAII-CII London Virtual Seminar Series

(August and October 2021)

    Virtual Seminars on Cyber Risks & Cyber Insurance and Business Interruption Insurance

  1. Cyber Risks & Cyber Insurance:        10th & 11th August 2021
  2. Business Interruption Insurance:        18th & 19th October 2021

                           Time: 9 a.m. daily

Seminar Fee: US$250 per Seminar (OR US$450 for both seminars)


                  Cyber Risks & Cyber Insurance(10th and 11th August 2021)

This two-day workshop aims to both develop and update participants’ knowledge on this increasingly important risk and insurance area.


On completion of the workshop delegates will be able to amongst others:

  1. Explain how cyber risk and cyber insurance has developed
  2. Describe the nature and types of cyber threats
  3. Explain how legal and regulatory developments impact cyber exposure

Describe how cyber insurance dovetails with other insurance coverages

  1.   Explain the principal underwriting considerations of cyber insurance policies
  2. Outline the key components of effective cyber security
  3. Describe the aggregation exposure faced by insurers and outline how they are dealing with it
  4. Describe the process for handling cyber claims and potential areas of dispute
  5. Develop a cyber marketing strategy

                      Business Interruption Insurance(18th and 19th October 2021)

  1. As business models evolve and become more global the risks to business continuity become increasingly complex for a large range of industries. Business Interruption insurance must evolve to meet these changing exposures, which are often more difficult to estimate and price.
  2. This workshop through a series of case studies, seeks to improve participants’ understanding of business continuity exposures to enable them design Business Interruption programmes which meet customers’ needs.



  • Describe the existing and emerging threats businesses face which may result in them losing revenue or incurring additional costs and the areas where Business Interruption can and cannot provide protection
  • Explain the different bases of Business Interruption coverage and identify which are most applicable to what types of business
  • Outline the main areas where Business Interruption policy coverage can be clarified, enhanced and improved in the light of historical areas of policy dispute
  • Describe the principal extensions provided under Business Interruption insurance policies including Murder/Suicide and Infectious Disease, Bomb Scare, Denial of Access, Suppliers, Customers, Failure of Public Utilities, Loss of Attraction, Additional Increased Cost of Working, Advance Loss of Profits
  • Explain how to design and price the Business Interruption programmes which meet the needs of various industries
  • Outline risk management measures including the principal components of a Disaster Recovery plan which reduce businesses exposure to business interruption 


                              Target Participants

  • Management, Underwriters, Claims Officials, Brokers & Agents, Loss Adjusters, Surveyors, Risk Managers, etc.
  • Resource Person: Neil Park (Chartered Insurance Institute of London)

Neil, an experienced trainer and consultant currently working in the insurance industry in the United Kingdom and internationally, delivers workshops in technical insurance (including property, business interruption, liability, professional indemnity, directors and officers liability and cyber risk), as well as in risk management, insurance broking and sales and negotiation skills


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